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marine bio-technology

established in march 2014, a subsidiary of bohi industrial group, qingdao seawit life science co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise oriented in the research and development and production of new marine food and new pharmaceutical raw materials.

in the initial stage, we focus on research and production of the marine microbial oil and the comprehensive utilization of its byproducts. later, we will focus on the extraction and comprehensive utilization of marine bioactive substances, especially development and application of full-valence human milk substitution lipid and nutritious supplements, as well as the application of the technology of marine pharmaceutical raw materials and its deep processing. seawit deeply explore and develop marine biological resources and is committed to human health and wisdom.

our products and services

at present, seawit introduces dha algae oil, including nutritional formula dha algae oil and sesame dha algae oil in the first stage. dha algae oil is well known for its good role in the brain and china's high-end edible oil therefore goes into the "brain care age" for the first time.

our core strengths

  • national blue industry project

      seawit mainly engaged in the r&d and production of marine new food raw materials and new pharmaceutical raw materials. with its own technological advantages, seawit successfully applied for "marine microbial oil green refining, micro-encapsulation technology and full-valence human milk substitution lipid development and industrialization project" in 2014. the project has been listed as the key project of qingdao emerging industry ...

  • leading international technology

      after nearly 6 years of continuous research and development, seawit’s r & d team developed five key technologies including semi-continuous culture technology, dry efficient oil technology, low temperature and short-term moderate refining technology, low temperature in situ aggregation secondary embedding technology, human milk substitute lipid assessment and preparation technology, which achieves requirements of clean production and r...

  • r & d team led by academician

      the team led by academician zhu beiwei provides technical support for the project of antarctic krill oil, phospholipids dha, astaxanthin and other marine active lipid and algae oil by-product development. team led by professor wang xingguo from jiangnan university provides nutrition evaluation, product development and standard development for functional oil and formula milk. seawit will take the strong scientific research advantages to develop ...

  • healthy elements from the sea

      cheerbona has incorporated the mose advanced resurces, domestic and international, strving to make the best oll in the algae dha nutrient oil. the active ingredient of cheerbona algae oil dha nutrient oil is ten times higher than the similar products of other edible oil brand, owing to advanced algae dha oil refining technology, featuring anti-oxidization, good stability, safety, nature and healthy. the dha in cheerbona algae oil is extracted d...